The Breaking Point

We all experience it in life, a time of stress and frustration.  A time when our actions or perhaps inaction have brought upon us a situation that we find daunting.

These situations of overwhelming stress and emotional upheaval are key and pivotal events in the timelines of our lives.  

They are specific spots we will measure ourselves against.  We will measure and judge how we react both emotionally and mentally to these breaking points.  They are points where in the future (whether we want to or not) our minds will flow back to and remind us that, “When this happened I did this.”  “When the time for decision came I made this choice.”  “When the time for action came I did this.”

Breaking point will live with us and become an integral part of who we are from that point forward.  They will define who we are at that point and who we will be in the future.  They are events, places, situations, and conflicts that we can use to assess and evaluate where we were and who we want to be.

How we react to these times is key.  Will we let these stressful events and situations break us down and cause inaction in both thought and deed?  Or, will we use these times of turmoil, loss, and failure to propel us towards the person we truly aspire to be.

Will we see them as a hindrance or an opportunity?

When you look back upon the breaking points in your life think about how you dealt with them.

Did you let them frustrate you? Consume your thoughts? Overcome your emotions? Put you in a state of inaction? Bring fears and self-doubt to the front?


Did you use your breaking point to propel you forward?  Develop inner strength? Hone your mental fortitude? Strengthen your will and character?

I would suggest that no matter how stressful or painful breaking points should be seen as opportunities.  Opportunities to achieve… Opportunities to endure… Opportunities to overcome what we thought we could not, and become stronger in mind, body, and spirit.

In short mastering the breaking points we will live through will allow us to master ourselves and become the greater for it.

Embrace them,  Conquer them, and be the stronger for it.


**Video Voice: Bishop T.D. Jakes**


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