Total Taekwondo Programs

Total Taekwondo Tiny Tykes (Ages 3-6)

When it comes to our youngest martial artists, we take things slow. We aim to introduce our Tiny Tykes to the basics of martial arts at a pace that allows them to really grasp what they’re learning. More than anything, we want our students to have fun! Stances, kicks, and strikes are taught using enjoyable and educational drills and games. Additionally, these young martial artists are encouraged by our belt system, in which colored tips are added to students’ belts as they accomplish each of our five main values – focus, confidence, balance, respect, and memory.

Total Taekwondo Kids’ Classes (7-11)

As students advance through our program, they will move into our Beginner/Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced Kids’ Class. This class is offered in a longer format, typically lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. In this course, students will work on strength, flexibility, kicking – all while focusing on a more traditional form of martial arts.

Total Taekwondo Teen and Adult Classes

So you didn’t start to discover your love for Taekwondo until a little later in life, now what? Don’t worry – Taekwondo is for people of all ages. In fact, Master Robert Kelley didn’t start taking martial arts classes until he was 18! Total Taekwondo’s Teen and Adult Classes create a place for teen and adult students to completely focus and work hard, without the distraction that can sometimes come with younger students. This course will focus on the basics of martial arts and is perfect for any older student no matter how much or how little Taekwondo experience they may have under their belt.

Total Taekwondo Core Sparring Classes

Offered at both beginner and advanced levels, our Core Sparring Class focuses on the sport aspect of Taekwondo, or Taekwondo’s Olympic style. In this class, students will learn how to close the distance, correctly move their feet, practice a variety of drills and kicks, and maintain the proper mentality.

Total Taekwondo Total Combatives Classes

This class is open to all black belts, teens, and adults. Our Total Combative Class teaches students how to defend themselves from attackers by incorporating boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling. Taught by Instructor Craig Mullis, this course will cover closing the distance, takedowns, and a variety of grappling techniques.

Total Taekwondo Tournament Team Classes

Are you looking to take your martial arts to the next level? Then our Tournament Team Classes are perfect for you. This invitation-only program includes higher-level classes for students who want to compete at an elite level. These courses are much more advanced than our other classes and require a high level of training and a hyper-focused mindset. Though challenging, these tournament based classes will lay the groundwork for amazing performances at State, District, and National competitions.

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