Why Martial Arts? Why Us?

Total Taekwondo School History

School History

Total Taekwondo’s owner and founder, Robert Kelley, has been passionate about martial arts ever since he was in kindergarten. However, he wasn’t able to pursue his dream until 13 years later, after a childhood of struggling to afford martial arts classes. This experience has led Master Kelley to establish the Taekwondo school his younger self was searching for.

Master Kelley opened Total Taekwondo in 2012, after serving as the head instructor at several other martial arts schools. “I’ve taught at other schools and I think most of them are about money,” he explains. “They’re about, ‘How much money can we get from the parents?’ My philosophy is, ‘How much growth can we get out of these kids?’”

Total Taekwondo

Everything we do at Total Taekwondo is for our students. We aim to develop our students to be confident in their abilities, exceptionally focused, understand the importance of respect, and practice discipline in everything they do

“It’s my school’s job to figure out what each student needs,” says Master Kelley. “We then do the best that we can to bring that out of them. Whether they need more discipline, focus, or confidence, that’s our job to provide that. I’m extremely student-based.”

Total Taekwondo is a welcoming, healthy, and encouraging environment that any student can thrive in. We offer a variety of classes on different days and times for all ages and skill levels. Whatever you’re looking for in your martial arts training, you can find it here.


Martial Arts Instructors

Our staff loves Total Taekwondo as much as we do. In fact, they were all students once too! Our instructors’ lives were changed by our school, and they’re eager to provide their students with the same experience. Get to know them below!

Not everyone can be on the football team. Not everyone can be on the soccer team, or the tennis team, or the basketball team. But everyone can do Taekwondo. Why you may ask? Because – it’s a challenge against yourself. Our owner Master Robert Kelley explains it best:

“It’s you versus you. It’s you coming in, challenging yourself, and getting better. It’s striving to be better than what you were the day before, the week before, the month before, the year before.”

6th Degree Black Belt

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